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“Hi Sandman, I would like you to talk about the high price of real estate and rents in areas like NYC and Toronto as well as their suburbs. And explain what role this plays in male female relations (sex, hypergamy etc). And what the future holds for these markets, as well male female relations. Thanks for all that you do, your videos have helped me to evolve into a better person and man.” Well, thanks for the donation Silvio. With regards to women buying properties up here in Canada most of them are purchasing homes using down payment money from the bank of mom and dad. And the baby boomers which should be saving their money for retirement are instead giving it to their children for those down payments. That’s what I believe pushing up the prices here in Canada. That and the low interest rates. However, in the United States prices in New York keep rising because it’s New York. It has all the amenities and is a great place to live so it makes sense. But there’s no real reason why prices in Toronto have surpassed Rome and are approaching the cost of Paris, France. This isn’t a world class city regardless of what people like to say. I’ve traveled to most big cities in North America and Europe and the only places that have justifiably high prices in North America are San Francisco and New York. And ironically Toronto prices are similar to San Francisco. On the other side of coin, with regards to suburban homes, most married women are pushing their husbands to buy homes together that are bigger and better then the homes their own parents have. If you want to start a family and get married here in Toronto the higher quality females will not accept guys that can only afford to buy an apartment. They want guys they can purchase McMansions with. And until they find a guy like that they are usually buying condos their parents gave them. And if he can’t afford to buy one with her in the city then they move out into the outer suburbs usually half an hour away from downtown or more. The women that decide to stay put their money into poorly built downtown condos. Women are driving the housing market here because they are moving close to downtown in cities for work and also to search for the wealthy alpha males working in the banking and financial district. That goes for both New York and Toronto. Both cities have a massive fire sector and all those bank bonuses draw women in like flies to honey.

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    “Seeking other’s approval and opinions” is the description to every
    woman/girl I know

  2. Random Person on the Internet says

    San Francisco’s neighbor San Jose and Los Angeles also have rising real
    estate prices to go along with the hypergamy mindset.

  3. Constant Chinner says

    Woman seeking man:
    Must be rich (make much more money than me). Must want a stay at home wife
    (So I can sit on my ass). Do not mind you going on business trips (Give me
    time to cheat). Must appreciate a beautiful woman (My youth will fade and
    so will our sex life). Must not suggest signing a prenup (So I can take
    half your shit when I divorce you in 2 years).

  4. Red Pill Brotherhood says

    Sandman, you’re right on. I work in a real estate firm in a expensive town
    in southern California and I see the hypergamous nature of these gold
    digging status obsessed whores in their 40s everyday. They all drive BMWs,
    Mercedes, Audi’s or Escalades and they piggy back off their wealthy
    husbands, many of whom are 10-15 years older. These women walk around with
    an attitude like they are superior than me and a regular person. I just
    laugh because 99% of the time it’s their husbands money and they just are
    sucking off his wallet and treating him like a walking ATM and resource
    provider. These are very materialistic, narcissistic and shallow good for
    nothing women. They should be avoided at all costs. And the bi products of
    these couples are spoiled brat teenage girls that are worthless, and will
    expect the same lifestyle or better out of their man.
    Southern California is the epitome of this rising number of hypergamous,
    shallow women. It’s quite disgusting.

  5. alexsim011 says

    Its ironic how most of the ads before and after your videos are geared
    towards women, and hear you are doing MGTOW videos.

  6. mfriedrich2012 says

    Oh yes Sandman. Do you guys remember the infamous Century 21 “Suzanne
    researched this” commercial? Not sure they ran it in Canada. This was from
    2004 Or 2005, shortly before the massive housing crash, with stated income
    loans, and HELOC abuse. Notice the nagging and incredulous stares from the
    wife, as if the husband is a stupid idiot for hesitating. Century 21 used
    these misandric characterizations to sell more overpriced shitboxes to
    women. Cognitive dissonance at its best. Wives making emotional buying
    decisions for the win!

  7. Jeremy Stafford says

    That “government bailing out banks because of this real estate hypergamy”
    is really bothering me now . Fuck … this is so frustrating ! The housing
    bubble is going to pop soon and we are going to experience a bailout .

  8. Michael Liyanage says

    Being a MGTOW and learning from you guys IS THE BEST FUCKING THING THAT HAS
    EVER HAPPENED TO ME….THANK YOU BROTHERS!!!!! It is far better than
    winning the jackpot lotto, far better than being with a supermodel, far
    better than living in a mansion with a Ferrari parked in the garage.

    1.) A 2 bedroom apartment in the middle of the Sydney city Australia is $M

    2.) If you want a luxury house, then be prepared to cough up the dough and
    spend the rest of your life paying off the mortgage

    3.) Even here in Aus many first home buyers are getting mommy and daddy to
    help out

    4.) Most young people blow their cash on crap and cry poor when they cannot
    afford a down payment. (Even people who earn a very decent salary)

    5.) I bought my house late last year for over $400K and will be paying it
    off in under 6 years time all on my own.

    6.) MGTOW is an EDUCATION about mental well being and finance….why are so
    many rich people depressed? go figure…

  9. Mounir Drioua says

    this mgtow propaganda must be in the educational program, with different
    name like “gender studies – women’s behavior”
    i always felt the need for compliments from girls but they never do, i
    always find it unfair biology that women aren’t that attractive to us as we
    do to them, and their love is not like ours, its based on security, so i
    was going to make videos about that until i discovered a comment about this
    channel on one of “the amazing atheist” videos, i think as men are
    oppressed lets start with demanding a study of women’s behavior in schools,
    and why the fuck not introduce it to the UN gender educational chart, if
    only someone explained this all to me when i was kid, even if i was never
    in a serious relationship and i never tried to pick up a strange girl or
    give free smiles or free compliments and get in touch for free, only
    friends that hit on me “clearly”, because it felt so unfair that they have
    the choice and not us

  10. LostinBunga says

    Sweet video Sandman.

    It has been awhile since I have commented on your vids. I speculated that
    we grew up around the same neighbourhood (Toronto’s little Ukraine) and the
    property there is exploding in price. Meanwhile the job market is very
    flat and only government employees can afford to live there. Don’t kid
    yourself about finance workers in Canada, Ontario isn’t New York. Very few
    financers make more than the overpaid teachers.

    On another note I know live in China, where the housing prices are going
    insane. Toronto is directly affected by this as Chinese see Canadian
    prices as a bargain as well as a bonus chance to send their kids to
    Canadian schools and to protect their wealth from the Chinese government.

    Now why are Chinese prices so high? Massive economic growth but along with
    that WOMEN. In China there is a massive shortage of women due to the one
    child policy and sex selected abortions. As well as a culture that a man
    must have a home to marry. This creates huge pressure and the housing is
    just going insane. Chinese women do not beat around the bush, they want a
    man with a house and a car and they have an army of suitors fighting for

  11. pauljh74 says

    In Australia while the interest rates aren’t at zero and haven’t changed
    much of late, the Reserve Bank of Australia is recommending banks tighten
    lending practices as one method of trying to contain house prices. Less
    loans are approved and the banks take on less marginal or high risk of
    default customers, so less people are in a position to buy.

  12. PlasmaMongoose says

    In Australia back in the 1950s, the average amount a family man paid
    towards a mortgage was around 25% of his income, by the 2000s, the average
    mortgage was closer to 120% of his income making the wife’s income vital
    just to keep their heads above water.

    The reason for these increases is due to people not saving as much *(the
    banks pushing people to spend on credit cards and on their mortgage
    equality didn’t help matters)* and of cause women who want the biggest and
    the best as they tend to control the purse-strings.

    Hopefully those MGTOWs who do decide to get a mortgage will make far better
    decisions on what and where they will live than married couples.

  13. edi mundi says

    At 0% interest rates the ceiling for the price of property will be when the
    monthly payment for the loan on the property reaches the monthly income of
    the purchaser. That’s when demand falls off. After that if construction
    companies continue building houses there will be more supply than demand.
    If construction companies stop building, there goes the construction
    jobs/building material providers/etc. and all the businesses that rely on
    providing goods and services to people with these jobs further destroying
    demand for property. There won’t be a plateau. Only way out of this is if a
    sudden huge influx of working age people come into the country and
    immediately have jobs with income and take on debt to buy these properties
    to sustain this situation.

    You said the early 2000s. After the 2008 the interest rates were dropped to
    0% so that there is more space between the monthly payment and the monthly
    income. There are no more tricks this time unless they manage to somehow
    reduce mortgage loans interest rate to 0% as well. But that will only delay
    the day of reckoning until the price of property rises high enough for the
    monthly payment to reach monthly income at 0% mortgage rate.

  14. Argentarii Homini says

    My working place has enforced Youtube’s safety mode, and I cannot watch
    this channel or (apparently) no other channel that criticises feminists
    -not even a video where Chomsky explain why he does not agree with them.
    And if you are wondering: yes, you can watch ALL pro-feminist videos.
    Shockingly scary!

  15. Sam Fitt says

    I know one thing my house is going to stay that way. If a woman movies in
    after a while she’s can make a phone call then it becomes her’s. To the
    women get a nice warm jacket and stay out. what’s mine is mine..