Billionaire Jonathan Gray: Global Real Estate Markets and Investing

An interview with billionaire and head of real estate at Blackstone, Jonathan Gray. In this interview Jonathan discusses global opportunities for investing in real estate, mentioning spain and portugal. Jonathan also talks about who he admires in real estate and the current US market.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:58 Commercial real estate is overheated?
3:40 Are Cap Rates likely to go up?
4:40 Where does all that money go?
6:19 Is New York still a good opportunity?
7:07 What is a lower price point in New York?
7:54 Where is the big game to be found?
9:45 Is there anyone you admire?
10:58 What is the hallmark of real estate genius?
11:29 What are you seeing differently?
12:20 Should the alternate assent manger buy the asset manager to boost PE multiples?
14:35 Why has there been a disconnect?
15:14 Where might Blackstone go next?
16:56 Where are PE going?
17:22 How does Blackstone avoid what happened to GE?
18:46 What real estate do you really want to own?
19:31 Becoming a manager with a BA, could that happen again?

Interview Date: 2014
Event: Market Makers
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